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What They’re Saying

Healthy Weight Loss

“As a child, I observed my mom struggle with her weight for many years. After having my children and managing to lose all the pregnancy weight, I set a weight that if I ever reached it I would begin a weight loss program immediately.

Well, a year ago I managed to accomplish that weight gain by adding a few pounds each year over a period of 15+ years. I was buying a size of clothes that I had never been in!

At that time, Dr. Hook was opening her new business, Ideal Health & Body. I had NEVER heard of Ideal Protein but jumped on board to be Dr. Hook’s first client. What a wonderful journey it has been!

Within 2 weeks, the first thing I noticed was how much better I felt!! I had more energy – no more need to nap all weekend!  Along with the immediate weight loss, I was hooked. Meeting weekly with Dr. Hook helped me to stay on target and was a huge part of the success of this program.

Over the next few months I lost 23 lbs., almost all of which was FAT! I am now wearing a size smaller than I have ever worn before! Months later, I am still hearing, Patti, you look great!  And then I add, I FEEL great too.”

Patti W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hook for many years, and I have always felt comfortable with her. Because I have osteoporosis, I am reluctant about getting chiropractic adjustments from just any chiropractor. Dr. Hook is very careful and gentle. I also need massage for tight muscles in my neck. Dr. Hook is very good at muscle work, and she will spend as much time with me as I need. I always leave her office feeling much better.

Judy S.Patient

Dr. Hook is a professional health care provider. She works with you in order to help you live and feel better, without medicine!

Joe C.Patient

Caring, professional and concerned practitioner. No doubt, she is the best around.

Elaine T.Patient

Kind and caring. That sums it up.

Mark L.Patient